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Demonstrations return on October 25 with 23 demands

The coordinating committees responsible for the demonstrations in Iraq, set 25 this month as the date for renewed protests while announcing 23 demands.

Activists in Baghdad say that the stop of the demonstrations came because of the brutality of repression, which left in five days more than 120 dead and nearly 6,580 wounded, as well as hundreds of detainees.

A statement spread on social networking sites, that demands of our demonstrations after the ِArbaeen visit on the 25th of this month will not be service demands because it is imposed on the state to provide as it is the most basic rights of the citizen.

The demands will be as follows:
1. Reconsider some paragraphs of the Constitution and amending them for the benefit of the nation and the people.

2. Canceling excess rings "provincial councils, independent bodies,  Shiite endowment, Sunni endowment, Prisoners Foundation, Salaries of Rafha, Martyrs Foundation, and Hajj and Umrah authority.

3. Reducing the number of members of the parliament, while reducing their salaries and privileges.

4. Activating the law "Where do you get this," starting with officials from the year 2003 and so far and comparing what the person had before this date and what he owns now.

5. Financial control audits the accounts of financial parties and knows the source of their money

6. Equitable distribution of the country's wealth to the people and the adjustment of the salary scale of the employees so that there are no differences between the ministry and another

7. Abolish the privileges and prose of the three presidents.

8. Re - Ministry of Information as the former and the cancellation of the Iraqi Information Network.

9. The transformation from a parliamentary system to a republican system

10. Supporting the national product and activating the rehabilitation of factories, laboratories, and agriculture and the provision of water shares in Iraq within the framework of international treaties and agreements

11. Dissolution of religious party factions and the establishment and reconstruction of a strong Iraqi army and building a national intelligence service to be the pillar of the state

12. The abolition of the law of question and justice put by Bremer and Ahmed Chalabi and the abolition of the Integrity Commission

13. ُExploiting the Rumaila oil field which costs Iraq daily $ 20 million. It  must be invested and make fuel for power plants and prevent importing of Iranian gas

14. The Construction of substations on black oil and gas Construction of alternative plants on solar energy, wind and landfill waste like the rest of the world.

15. Abolishing the idea of developing the provinces or territory and make all 18 provinces of Iraq belong to Baghdad, the central capital.

16. Revenues and imports of religious shrines go to the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs as a national import within the budget of the country.

17. Providing the farmer with seeds and fertilizer and agricultural mechanisms and supporting the agricultural product so that Iraq is self-sufficient in agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

18. Making Iraq as a former era of ownership of an agricultural country, tourist, industrial, oil, spare parts for young people.

19. Fixing all contracts of the workers in state institutions such as ministerial, daily wages, contracts for the development of regions, lecturers and free employees on permanent staff.

20. Allocation of a monthly salary to each Iraqi individual of the oil quota of not less than five hundred dollars per month.

21. Allocation of salary for graduates, the unemployed and those with special needs.

22. Construction of housing complexes for housing the poor and distribution of plots of land.

23. Reduce the interest of government bank advances