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Turkish attack in northeast Syira would help ISIS to reorganize: Kurds

Syrian Kurds

The US-backed, Kurdish-led self-administration has said any new Turkish attack would destabilize the region and help ISIS reorganize itself.

In remarks, the administration said such an attack would “serve terror and be a real opportunity for ISIS to reorganize itself and thus take control of large areas of Syria.”

It also added that it would provide an opportunity for the thousands of ISIS detainees and their families held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in camps and prisons “to flee, which would pose a threat to the region and the world.”

In a speech on Saturday to the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey was getting ready for a cross-border assault and had completed its preparations to do so. Moreover, on Tuesday, Erdogan told Turkey’s parliament about his intentions in Syria, including for the 3.6 million Syrian refugees now living in Turkey.