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Corruption deal worth 30 billion dinars found in Babylon

Thirty billion dinars appear to have gone unheeded after spending on the surveillance cameras project in Babylon and it is found far below the required level.

 The security committee in the provincial council confirmed that the project was subjected to clear financial corruption and its files are being under investigation before the integrity to find out those involved in that deal.

Dr. Baqer Huwaidi, a specialist in the field of digital security technologies, laid the first building blocks for the project in 2000. He stressed that what has been implemented is far from what was previously planned, saying:  “the current project as nothing more than describing a camera system to protect a small commercial building at a very high implementation cost.”

The Babylon Police, as the beneficiary of the project, said: “it is too early to judge the project as it has not been finalized and that a specialized committee is responsible for receiving it.”