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Shatt Al Arab Hotel to be restored 91 years after its establishment


The General Company for Ports of Iraq announced the rehabilitation and restoration of the Shatt Al Arab Hotel, which was established in 1928.

"The rehabilitation of the old hotel includes the construction of hotel apartments and the establishment of a sports arena, cafes, halls, floating hotel and summer, and winter swimming pools," said Alaa Askar, director of public relations and public information at the company.

Shatt Al Arab Hotel includes more than 100 rooms and designed according to the level of 4 stars.

The hotel overlooks one of the banks of the Shatt al-Arab in front of the tourist island of Sindbad, and in a privileged location was attracting foreign delegations and tourists.

It was established during the reign of King Faisal I of Iraq, and a number of prominent Arab and international figures in the last century, including King Faisal I and kings and princes of the Gulf States as well as writer global novelist Agatha Christie.