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Think tanks says Iraqi gov't relying on fragile Parliament

A report by the International Crisis Group (ICG) entitled ‘Iraq, Evading the Gathering Storm’ has warned that the Iraqi government is relying on a fragile Parliament that will not be able to prevent Iranian-backed paramilitary groups from striking US targets in case of confrontation.

The report has said the new government formed under Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi after the May 2018 national elections is particularly vulnerable to Iranian pressure.  

Even though Abdul Mahdi and President Barham Salih are widely respected, it continued, they are isolated and lack significant parliamentary support.

“Today, with most senior officials sitting outside the largest parliamentary blocs, the government remains vulnerable to a no-confidence vote among the deputies,” the report added.

The report also stressed that U.S. and Iran should refrain from drawing Iraq into their rivalry, as doing so would undermine the tenuous stability Iraq has achieved in the immediate post-ISIS era.

The Abdul Mahdi administration would be unable to stop Tehran-backed militias, also known as the IMIS from striking back as it saw fit if tensions escalate, the think tank argued.

It further said, “The prime minister’s control over the IMIS remains weak. Despite his efforts to reaffirm his command, several groups continue to operate in parallel to those factions integrated in the security forces.”