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Abd al-Mahdi relies on inefficient advisers: Hikma

Adil Abdul-Mahdi

The Hikma (National Wisdom) parliamentary bloc has said the cabinet appoints senior officials through an illegal way, adding that Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi depends in his work on inefficient advisers.

In remarks, Ali al-Gourani, member of the bloc, said “failure within Abd al-Mahdi’s cabinet is still ongoing without any solution or hope for a better future.”

He went on saying that “reconsidering previous stances give an impact on the disappointment happening since the governmental platform, that the parliament voted for, was announced.”

The accomplishments, according to Gourani, “are still ink on paper with no significant development.”

The bloc “will submit a list with the names of the officials who were appointed in executive posts or those who failed in their duties,” he added.

Last Modified: Friday، 23 August 2019 02:30 AM