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US-led Coalition says complies with Iraq's new airspace directive


The US-led Coalition has said it immediately complies with the new airspace instructions issued by Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi.

In a statement, the coalition said “as guests within Iraq’s sovereign borders, CJTF-OIR complies with all Iraqi laws and direction from the Government of Iraq. The US-led coalition immediately complied with all directions received from our Iraqi partners as they implemented the Prime Minister’s order.”

The Statement also stressed that the Coalition operates inside Iraq at the request and under the protection of the Iraqi government.

“Support to the people of Iraq includes, but is not limited to, training over 220,000 Iraqi Security Force members, providing billions of dollars in equipment and supporting nearly 15,000 coordinated strikes with the Government of Iraq. We are committed to continuing our mission to support and enable our ISF partner forces in their mission of an enduring defeat of ISISI,” it added.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 20 August 2019 06:05 AM