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Blasts at arms store in Baghdad ‘were deliberate’: official


A senior national security official has said that the explosions in the arms depot in the southern suburbs of Baghdad was deliberate, and not the result of an accident or negligence.

The source has added that preliminary results showed that the bombing “was deliberate” and “was not a result of negligence.”

Preliminary information, according to the source, “indicates that the bombing was planned and carried out by an external act.”

He went on adding that “it is too early to say how the bombing was carried out, but the drones hypothesis is currently excluded.”

Meanwhile, a federal police officer said in remarks that the commanders of the pro-Iran armed factions “insist on repeating the same story, that a drone struck the warehouse with a missile, but they have nothing to support this theory. Aerial photographs and radar showed nothing.”

One civilian died, while 37 others were wounded on Monday night as blasts occurred at the Falcon weapons store, when arms belonging to the pro-Iran Kata’ib Sayyid Al-Shuhada armed group exploded, leading to the launch of short-range Katyusha rockets in all directions.


Last Modified: Monday، 19 August 2019 10:52 PM