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US troops based in Iraq at request of Baghdad: US Amb.

Mathew Tueller

US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller has said the troops are based in Iraq as part of the International Coalition led by the US.

Speaking to reporters, Tueller said the troops are still based in Iraq at the request of Baghdad to stay as part of the US-led coalition to prevent the return of ISIS. He also added that his work depends on five basics, the most important of which is preventing the return of ISIS.

The second priority, according to Tueller, is assisting Iraq in strengthening its institutions to maintain the country’s sovereignty. The third priority is protecting diversity, especially after the suffering that resulted from ISIS’s control of the Iraqi territories. 

Tueller also indicated the fourth priority, which is helping Iraq to achieve economic stability to maintain the stability of the whole region as well as reinforcing ties between Washington and Baghdad.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 06 August 2019 03:37 PM