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ISIS commits massacre killing 8 people on Kirkuk-Baghdad road


Gunmen believed to be ISIS members have killed at least eight people in an armed attack on a civilian car on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road, according to Idriss Haji Adel, deputy official of the Kirkuk Organizations Center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

Haji Adel said in statements quoted by his party's media on Thursday that elements of ISIS opened fire late last evening in an ambush on a car carrying two families on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road.

He said the attack killed at least eight people from two families, noting that the victims were three women, two men and three children, while a baby was injured.

Meanwhile, a security source told Shafaq News that four mortar rounds landed on the Kurdish village of Heftagar in Daqouq district, south of Kirkuk province, injuring three people from one family.

Last Modified: Thursday، 25 July 2019 06:32 PM