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Iraq calls for global program to counter extremist ideology


Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali al-Hakim called for a global-wide effort to come up with a program to counter extremist ideology, stressing that "the essence of humanity is the common denominator between societies."

"Interfaith coexistence in Iraq is a popular culture that has created a healthy environment in many fields, including literature, art and scientific research," Hakim said in a speech during the Ministerial Conference to Advance the Religious Freedom in Washington.

"Iraq has suffered from the worst attack known by modern human history represented by gangs calling for criminal violations and attacks against Iraqis of different religions, sects and ethnicities," he added.

Hakim said, "The Iraqi government in the post-ISIS era began urging the implementation of an expanded program and multiple axes to deal with the crisis of the displaced and returning them to their cities through the reconstruction of infrastructure and the improvement of basic services."

Last Modified: Sunday، 21 July 2019 05:15 AM