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Hundreds of displaced families return to Anbar: official

Anbar Assistan Governor Mazen Abu Risha

"Hundreds of displaced families at the camps south of Amiriyah Fallujah city and Habbaniyah east of Ramadi city returned to their liberated areas in Anbar," Assistant Governor for Relief Affairs Mazen Khaled Abu Risha said.

Abu Risha added, “An unprecedented number of families at the camps returned to their liberated areas as part of the local province's plan, supported by humanitarian organizations, to accelerate their returning to homes instead of living in inhumane conditions at displacement camps."

The committee of displaced persons returned 300 displaced families days ago, while 250 others are expected to return to their areas within the next few hours, according to Abu Risha.

Abu Risha pointed out that reinstating stability and security to those areas has  contributed to the return of those families to their homes.

Last Modified: Saturday، 20 July 2019 01:33 AM