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Kurdistan Region's crops, forests destroyed as Iran shells border areas

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Villagers living in the Kurdistan Region near the border with Iran have experienced severe losses due to the recent Iranian shelling against their areas, locals have told press outlets.

Iranian artillery directed their fire at these areas during a two-day operation last week. This came in the wake of an increased number of clashes between the country’s security forces and fighters from opposition groups who have bases at locations that were targeted.

The Iranian attacks have taken a massive toll on the livelihoods of residents in the border areas 

Shells struck a civilian home, killing a teenage girl and wounding two of her brothers. The casualties triggered immediate condemnation by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), both about Tehran’s shelling and the fighters’ use of the Kurdistan Region’s territory as a launchpad to attack Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. 

The rates of incidents have rendered a large area unusable for farming, with over 620 acres of agricultural lands in the first half of 2019 having been reduced to ashes. 

Last Modified: Thursday، 18 July 2019 06:34 PM