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Nadia Murad suggests plan to facilitate return of Yazidis to Sinjar

Nadia Mourad

Nobel laureate Nadia Murad has introduced a five-step plan to facilitate the return of Yazidis, who are living in displacement camps, back to their homes in the Sinjar region.

During a speech at the 2019 Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom conference in Washington, Murad presented her plan, saying it would assist the Yazidis and help them rebuild their lives in the town.

“There are concrete steps that can be taken to support the recreation of the Yazidi community, and essential steps toward the end of the [ISIS] genocide,” she said.

Murad also indicated “long-term stability by promoting reconstruction and sustainable development,” with the aid of international funds to achieve these goals.“Integrating religious minorities into the security forces [will] enable the religious minority to have a hand in their security.”

She went on calling for the speedy prosecution of ISIS militants for their crimes against the Yazidis. “If Yazidi minorities are abandoned, we are helping ISIS accomplish its goal of eradicating the religious minority,” she added.

Last Modified: Thursday، 18 July 2019 06:26 PM