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Italian police seize Qatari weapons in hands of neo-Nazi groups

Italian policemen carry an air-to-air missile as part of a big cache of guns and ammunition that was seized by the Turin special police force

Italian police announced seizing air-to-air missiles, machine guns and rocket launchers during raids by right-wing extremist groups.

According to an Italian police statement, a large number of weapons had been confiscated, including a Matra air-to-air missile belonging to the Qatari armed forces, after an investigation into extremists who fought in the ranks of Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

Police also arrested three people, including a 50-year-old man named Fabio Del Bergiolo, who had run unsuccessfully in 2001 as a Senate candidate for the neo-fascist Forza Nuova party.

At his home in Gallarate, police found a large number of assault weapons, as well as antique Nazi plaques featuring swastikas.

Other arrests included a 42-year-old Swiss and a 51-year-old Italian, charged with possessing and marketing the rocket found by police.

It is worth mentioning that the Qatari authorities had contracted with France, Germany and the United States recently on deals worth billions of dollars. Meanwhile, experts in international and military affairs wondered how Qatar has obtained these weapons and for what purpose, since its military does not exceed several thousand soldiers.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 17 July 2019 07:35 AM