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MP says Abd al-Mahdi didn't approve call for cabinet meeting in Basra

Mithaq al-Hamidi

MP Mithaq al-Hamidi, representing Basra, has said that MPs from the province were embarrassed before their constituents after Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi refused their request to hold a meeting in Basra’s administration building.


In remarks, Hamidi said, “Basra is still suffering from deteriorated services and security due to the tribal conflicts, as well as the growing unemployment and other problems that made people stage protests again.”


The MPs, according to Hamidi, “submitted, a long time ago, a request to Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi to hold a meeting for the cabinet in Basra to find solutions for the problems. However, Abd al-Mahdi did not respond.”


Hamidi hoped that Abd al-Mahdi will respond in the upcoming few weeks, saying, “The cabinet should hold periodic meetings across the provinces, especially those which suffer from problems, including Basra.”


Last Modified: Tuesday، 09 July 2019 04:26 PM