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Military operation to be carried out west of Anbar: Commander

Anbar desert

A military operation, backed by Army Aviation, will be launched by the Anbar Operations Command to pursue terrorists, west of Anbar.

“Some areas witnessed notable movements of the ISIS terrorists. The operation aims to address the targets according to the plan prepared by Anbar Operations Command,” Qassim Moslih, the Commander, said in a press statement. 

“The operation will cover western Ramadi desert (the areas of Saad, Ras al-Ajarmy, Ras al-Oud, Ras al-Nesr, Nazira, Husseineya, Zur Huran and others),” Moslih added. 

Those areas, according to Moslih, witness noticeable movement of terrorists. Securing these areas “will positively affect the security situation for the west of the country.”

Last Modified: Monday، 01 July 2019 12:38 PM