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Targeting Bahraini Embassy: Iranian warning message to Iraqi leaders

Iraqi Hezbollah militia has targeted the Bahraini Embassy in Baghdad as a warning to the Iraqi government if any of its leaders tried to drift away from the agenda of Tehran.

The attack on the Bahraini embassy is part of this challenge. The attack did not mean Bahrain for hosting the "Peace to Prosperity" workshop, as Palestine means nothing for the terrorists who attacked the embassy.

The terrorist attack was led by Abu Talib al-Saidi, an Iraqi terrorist who has been a member of Hezbollah's political bureau since the entry of exiled Iraqis into Iran. Since 2003, they have formed several factions armed by Iran and have been working separately. However, their terrorist attacks were directed into American targets.

Subsequently, these factions succeeded in 2007 to merge and form what has been known as Kata'ib Hezbollah. This alliance included the Brigade of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas, the Karbala Brigades, the Zaid bin Ali Brigades, Ali al-Akbar Brigades and Al-Sojjad Brigades.

Each of these battalions had operated independently, while not knowing nothing about the other until they announced allying with each other and fighting under one name, according to a statement issued by the brigades in 2007.

Observers stressed that the Iraqi leaders are facing a clear Iranian strategy to target the Iraqi state, sovereignty and resources. Tehran regime considers Iraq a soft land that it can use to eliminate its enemies on, including the United States and the Gulf states, as well as the European countries.

Observers wondered, can the Iraqi government do anything to prevent Iran from misusing its territory? Obeying Iran will definitely end up damaging the Iraqi government and state.

Iraq on Friday denounced an "attack" by protesters on the embassy of Bahrain that prompted Manama to recall its ambassador from Baghdad, AFP reported.

On Thursday around 200 protesters torched Israeli flags outside theBahrain embassy in Baghdad and hoisted Iraqi and Palestinian flags.

Jaafar al-Husseini, an official with Iran-backed Kata'ib Hezbollah says members of his group comprised the majority of protesters outside the Bahrain embassy in the Iraqi capital that was attacked this week. But he says he doesn't know who stormed the mission.

However, he said that storming the embassy was a "natural right for the protesters" to express their anger over Bahrain's hosting of a US-backed conference to promote peace between Arabs and Israelis.
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