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Salih chooses Iran side, ignore his own people's interest


Iraqi President Barham Salih keep contradicting himself when it to comes to the US-Iran conflict, while he plays on both strings to gain as much as benefits.

During his speech commemorating the 98th anniversary of the 1920 Iraqi revolution against the British, Salih said Iraq must maintain its independence via avoiding engaging in any regional conflicts, ignoring that he sacrificed Iraq’s independence, turning this great nation to a province of Mullah’s empire.


Salih might be aware that Iraq's government, parties, politicians and army have become completely controlled by Iranian regime.

Recently Salih have become one of the loudest advocates of the crimes of Mullah regime, before all international events, in Mecca Summit, in his latest visit to UK, and in every audio and visual interview he makes. He also openly opposed Washington in its war against terrorism in the Middle East that is committed by Iran, its agents and militias.

Maybe time has come for Salih to admit what is obvious, he is not a peace dove, he is another puppet in Mullah’s hands in this country.