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EU to grant the Kurdistan Region with €22 million for displacement camps

refugees in Kurdistan

The European Union (EU) has pledged over €20 million in new funds to support displacement camps located in the Kurdistan Region, a Kurdish official said.

In remarks on Saturday, Dalawar Akeji, the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the European Union, “The European Union has allocated €22 million (just over $25 million) to Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan region,” said.

The funds, according to Akeji, would also be used to administer camps in the region that serve a large percentage of Iraqis who remain displaced since the emergence in Iraq of ISIS in 2014.

Five years later, over 1.5 million of them continue to live in camps in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, he said.

Last Modified: Saturday، 29 June 2019 04:13 PM