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Salih vows his country will not become a battlefield

Barham Salih

President Barham Salih has urged all sides to “cool it down” amid rising tension between the US and Iran and increasing fears that his country would be involved into more conflict.

“There is a storm sweeping across the Middle East. We are right in the middle of it,” Salih said during an official visit to the UK at the Chatham House think tank. He added that Iraq would not allow factions within his country to fight for any external agenda.

“We certainly don’t want to be embroiled in another war, another conflict on our territory. We haven’t finished the last war. The war against terror has yet to be accomplished.”

Salih went on saying “We don’t want to fight another war for others,” he said. “A stable Iraq will be good for everybody. Any actors against this will be treated as outlaws.”

Last Modified: Thursday، 27 June 2019 04:43 PM