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Iraqi activists refuse calls for boycotting US goods

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Iraqi activists have expressed their refusal on Facebook against the calls for boycotting the US goods, saying they should be boycotting of the Iranian products first.

Recently, there has been some calls to boycott the US goods in the wake of sanctions imposed by the US against Iran.

Activists indicated that such calls will not have an effect, saying all calls for boycotting in Iraq since 2003 were just reactions against political incidents.

They also added that as long as there are no alternatives for the goods that should be boycott, the smugglers and the black market traders will benefit from these calls, being a chance to get the illegal goods and sell them at high prices.”
In light of political and sectarian conflicts, there will be boycotting calls every now and then to get advantage of the real crisis.

The activists also called for boycotting Iranian goods as Iran worked on drying some small rivers that convey water to Iraq.  They also indicated that however buying Iranian products will pour more fuel on the sectarian fire in the Middle East.


Thus, boycotting the Iranian products became the simplest duties of the Arab citizens.

Baghdad Post observed some reactions on boycotting the US products.
Abu Idris al-Subaihawi’s account said “I boycott the Iranian products,” while Ahmed al-Ali said “even Iran purchases the US products,” while Hamad al-Ta’iy said “before everything, Iranian products should be boycotted.”

Last Modified: Sunday، 23 June 2019 04:23 PM