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MP says surprises within cabinet formation expected

cabinet meeting

MP Riad al-Massoudi, from Sairoun Alliance, has said ‘surprises’ are likely to happen during the coming few days regarding the completion of the cabinet.

In remarks Massoudi said ‘surprises’ within the formation of  the cabinet  are expected over the coming few days after Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi set June 22 as date for completing the cabinet. He also added that Sairoun urged the government to end running the ministries by proxy.

Moreover, Massoudi said the political blocs put the Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi on the edge of a brink, which made him set June 20 as date for the blocs to suggest candidates. If the blocs did not introduce their candidates, Abdul- Mahdi will introduce his candidates to parliament, which will have the final decision.

He went on saying that the steps taken by both Halbousi and Abdul-Mahdi seek ending the current political crisis that lasted for months now.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 18 June 2019 01:55 PM