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Abd al-Mahdi lacks bravery in decision-making: Nasr Alliance

Nasr Alliance headed by former Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi criticized the performance of Premier Adil Abd al-Mahdi, saying that he "lacks bravery and courage in decision-making."

"The current government has embarrassed itself after committing itself to a government program before completing the government [formation]," Ali al-Sunaid, spokesman of the allaince said.

Defending the former premier, Sunaid said that "Abadi assumed the prime minister post at a very hard stage and worked on many files of corruption. In addition, much funds and many wanted people were retaken during the previous government," accusing the current political leadership of "negligence" in these achievements.

The quota system is more rampant, Sunaid said, adding that "Abd al-Mahdi, unfortunately, has been under pressure from the blocs."
Last Modified: Saturday، 15 June 2019 12:17 PM