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MP calls for increasing strategic stock fearing war between Iran, US

Salam Shemari

MP Salam al-Shemari has called for increasing the strategic stock of food commodities and energy derivatives, fearing consequences of the tension between US and Iran.

In a statement on Wednesday, Shemari said, “the situation in the region is getting complicated in light of the escalating remarks and recent events.”

Shemari went on saying that, “Iraq is at the crossfire of all this escalation. It seeks through its balanced relations to reach along with regional and international parties to resolve the crisis.”

Shemari also urged the government “to draw an emergency plans lest the situation deteriorates even furhter.”

Moreover, Shemari stressed the importance of “protecting the food stores, mills and silos in light of the recent incidents of burning farms in many provinces.”

Last Modified: Wednesday، 22 May 2019 03:49 PM