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Libyan parl't designates Muslim Brotherhood as terror group

Libya parliament

As many as 70 members of the Libyan parliament voted for banning the Muslim Brotherhood and designating it as a terrorist group, a step to legally chase the group.

Several members submitted to the parliament an urgent article on declaring the group as a terrorist one.

According to the official website of the parliament, Tareq al-Jaroushi, member of the parliament’s defense and national security, said “the Brotherhood asked Turkey for military intervention in Libya. This indicates their nearing end.”

He also added that “the Libyan army’s evidence show that most of the terrorist groups defeated in Libya are now centered in Doha. Reports show that there are attempts to return back to Libya.”

Jaroushi also accused Doha of sponsoring the remnants of al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 14 May 2019 03:21 PM