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Zamili expects Iran to launch attacks in Iraq in possible war with US

us troops inside Iraq - US Army
Courtesy of the US army

Hakim al-Zamili of the Sadrist movement said that he expects Iran will strike the US troops inside Iraq in case a war breaks out between Iran and the US.

In case the US bombed targets in Iran, the latter will certainly respond by targeting US troops, the military bases, the embassy and other facilities inside Iraq, Zamili said, urging the Iraqi government to try its best to prevent US-Iranian clash inside the Iraqi territory.

"The government is striving to play the role of mediator, but mediation here cannot be achieved by the Iraqi side, especially as no one asked it to play this role," Zamili said, adding that Iraq's capabilities are humble, and that the country lacks a unified political decision.

"Iraq is trying to distance itself from this war, and is trying to be in the middle, but this is also impossible, because neither party will accept compromise," he stated.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 14 May 2019 02:49 AM