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Certain countries sought to pressure Iraq through Baghdadi's appearance

FILE: Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee member Badr al-Ziyadi
Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee member Badr al-Ziyadi has affirmed that certain countries that have devious interests sought to pressure Iraq after ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi appeared in a video footage, making it his second appearance in five years.

ISIS’ propaganda outlet al-Furqan released the video on Monday evening.

During the video, al-Baghdadi mentions the Islamic caliphate after the battle for Baghouz - the final ISIS stronghold to have fallen in Syria. He begins the by speech making it clear that he is aware that the battle for Baghouz has ended and also called for revenge following its fall.  

Al-Ziyadi added in press remarks that Baghdadi’s appearance does not mean anything, stressing that ISIS fell.

He further affirmed that ISIS is an ideology that must be eradicated.

“ISIS’ leader is alive, but he is also dead, because everyone knows that leaders of the organization were wiped out, however, certain countries that have interests wanted to pressure Iraq.”

Baghdadi was last seen in a viral video in 2014 giving a sermon in the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, in Mosul, Iraq. This came just a month after Mosul fell into the hands of ISIS.