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Uday Awad denies intention to run for Basra governor post

uday awad
Basra MP Uday Awad denied what has been circulated in media concerning his intention to run for the post of the governor, concerning such claims as "devoid of any truth."

He affirmed that the current governor is Asaad al-Eidani. Awad said that he is performing the duties of his post as a parliamentarian, adding that he is proud of serving the Iraqi people.

Basra Provincial Coucil member Jawad al-Imara said in December that Basra governor Eidani, who is also a member in the parliament, cannot keep occupying his two official posts at the same time.

Basra Provincial Council is planning to leave the choice for  Eidani to stay in his post as the governor, or to keep his parliamentary seat, as a representative of Nasr bloc, a government source said earlier in April.
Last Modified: Monday، 29 April 2019 01:02 AM