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Shiite militias sent from Iraq to Iran under pretext of aid: source


What has been carried under pretext of humanitarian aid to Iran by Iran's Safavid allies included leaders from the Lebanese Hezbollah working in Iraq and trained by Iran, an informed source said.

These elements have decided to leave Iraq after they felt that they are threatened by the US counter-terrorism plan.

These elements are staying in Ahvaz for military purposes, including reacting against any probable uprising by the people of Ahvaz, the source said. He added that Tehran expects that Ahvazis will carry out anti-regime demonstrations that would spread to other Iranian cities.

These alleged aids also had various types of arms, including advanced weapons supplied by the US to IMIS, the army, and the police during the fight against ISIS.

It also included Iranian manufactured missiles so that they would not be an evidence against the Iranian regime in case they were found after inspection for Iranian heavy weapons, according to the source.

The boxes sent to Iran also included food and money from the Iraqi treasury of the budget and salaries of IMIS. Moreover, they had various military equipment planned to be used in Mesopotamian Marshes, to fight the US troops and the Iraqi army if Iran was targeted by any military strike, the source added.

Permitted by Khamenei

Recent floods in Iran have killed dozens and displaced possibly millions of Iranians. Instead of helping them, most of the Iran's time and energy has gone into sending foreign IMIS and Hezbollah fighters into Khuzestan, Alireza Nader wrote in Radio Farda.

These forces have engaged in light flood repair for show, but in reality they lack the equipment or skills to do any serious flood relief. Instead, they’re in southwestern Iran because Ayatollah Khamenei fears a revolt. IMIS and Hezbollah do what they do best: intimidate, harass, and if need be, torture and kill. But their presence in Iran shows a critical weakness for Khamenei as well. And it may prove one of the bigger mistakes he has made, Nader said.

Thousands of foreign forces appear to have been allowed into Iran by Khamenei. Many come from some of the most violent regional armed conflicts; both Hezbollah and the IMIS are used by Khamenei to control Lebanon, Syria, and parts of Iraq. 


Last Modified: Thursday، 25 April 2019 10:57 PM