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Fierce protests could rock Baghdad soon unless reforming gov't


There has been growing anger among Iraqis as they lost trust in the government, especially that people haven't felt yet any reform or enhancement in services rendered.

Habib al-Fatlawi, member of the coordination committee of Basra protests, said this year might see protests that are stronger than those of last summer, unless officials at the Green Zone take action.  

“The mafias in Iraq did not lose power. However, their influence comes from money and corruption. Reality shows that they are the strongest in the country and no one can face them,” he said. “The difference between the current prime minister and his ancestors is that he is weaker for not being supported by a parliamentary bloc. To the contrary, the blocs take this as an advantage for pressing more and more.”

Meanwhile, some politicians recently made remarks warning against anger among the people after 16 years of the downfall of the former regime without achieving progress by the consecutive governments. Indicators of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, crime and drugs are on the rise, in light of deteriorated services.

Majid al-Ali, a political expert, said “the current phase in Iraq indicates changes that could occur soon. Some blocs seek dismissal of the government to achieve some interests.”

He went on saying that if this happened “nothing will change in Iraq. No political figure or authority will be the best for leading the country in such phase. Everyone seeks personal interests.”

A former minister had warned against the collapse of the political process in the country due to the strength of the mafia and its influence on the government.

This coincides with political mobilization in Baghdad that seeks reducing the political conflicts between the two main blocs to reach agreement on completing the cabinet, which still has four vacant portfolios.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 23 April 2019 11:05 AM