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Basra major water project to open Oct. 24: Min.

water project

Iraq's Minister of Housing Bangin Rekani said that the Basra major water project will be inaugurated on October 24, as 93% of the project was already implemented.

The project will meet the need of many of areas of Basra regarding filtered water over a period of more than four coming years, Rekani said.

The first and second phases of the project concerning the establishment of reservoirs will be delayed for about 18 months, Rekani said, adding that this, however, will not affect the operation of the project.

He added that the third and the fourth phases, which are almost completed, are the most important stages of the project.

The second phase of the project has been started and 40 percent of this stage has been implemented, said Rekani. He added that the first phase will be launched after the completion of the second phase. He also noted that the operation of the project in October will not affect the implementation of the first phase.


Last Modified: Sunday، 21 April 2019 10:51 PM