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Federation of Journalists vows to prevent passing cybercrime law

Cybercrime: keyboard and handcuffs -
Moaid Allami, president of the Federation of Journalists of Iraq, affirmed that journalists will not allow the passing of a law that abuses the freedom of speech to pass, referring to the cybercrime law.

"… We have spoken with the parliament speaker and the relevant committees and we told them that we will not allow any law silencing mouths [to pass], Allami said in a speech.

He added that the prime minister, the parliament speaker and heads of the committees have promised the cybercrime law will be studied in the coming days so that journalists come to know that "there is a parliament that protects them."

Many Iraqis think the cybercrime draft law oppresses the freedom of expression. The law would impose heavy prison sentences and hefty fines against peaceful critics who express themselves online would be a devastating setback for freedom of expression in Iraq, Amnesty International said in March.

“If passed, this draconian cybercrime law will be a devastating blow for freedom of expression in Iraq. The vague and overly broad wording of the law means it could easily become a tool for repression in a country where the space for critical voices is already severely restricted,” said Razaw Salihy, Iraq researcher at Amnesty International. 

The proposed law would criminalize acts that fall under freedom of expression and give Iraqi authorities excessive powers to impose harsh sentences, including life imprisonment, for vaguely worded offences such as undermining the country’s “independence, peace and political, military security and economic interests”. 
Last Modified: Friday، 19 April 2019 09:27 PM