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Israeli airstrike in Syria destroyed Iranian missiles

Iran warns: US bases, aircraft carriers are within range of its missiles
The Israeli website Intel Times said that the Israeli army, in its attack on the Syrian city of Musayaf, managed to destroy dozens of Iranian-made “Earthquake 2” missiles.

According to the site, the Israeli attack targeted medium and long-range Iranian missile factories and was able to destroy them completely.

The missiles that were destroyed carried warheads weighing up to half a ton, and they can be developed to increase range and accuracy.

The report added that Iran tried to exploit the period of the Israeli elections to unload cargo in Damascus through a 747 aircraft belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Tifor military airport.

The Iranian Television Commission revealed in September 2018 that Iran had a project to develop the "Earthquake 2" and convert from short-range missiles to precision ballistic missiles.

Syrian television reported Saturday that Israeli planes bombed a military post near the Syrian province of Hama.

SANA said the Israeli aircraft targeted "one of the military positions near the city of Musayaf in the countryside of Hama."

"Our air defense dealt with hostile missiles and some were destroyed before reaching their targets,” SANA reported, adding that some buildings were destroyed and three troops were injured.