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Asadi, Husseini current candidates for interior ministry: MP


Fatah Alliance MP Fadel al-Fatlawi said that Abdul Ghani al-Asadi and Hamed al-Husseini are the current two candidates of the interior minister post in Adil Abd al-Mahdi's government.

Fatlawi added that the Iraqi political powers have settled on Salah al-Hariri as a nominee for the defense ministry, affirming the disputes concerning the two ministries were resolved.

On October 24, Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi managed to get the parliamentary approval on 14 out of 22 ministries. However disagreement between political blocs especially on security ministries have thwarted Abd al-Mahdi's efforts to complete the cabinet in a short time.

On Sunday, Fatah Alliance MP Ahmed Ali Hussein said that the political parties have settled on candidates for the remaining candidates of the government, except for ministry of justice.

MP Abdullah al-Kharbeit, representing the National Axis bloc, also said that Faisal al-Hariri and Najah al-Shammari run for the defense ministry.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 09 April 2019 10:15 PM