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Iraqi bloggers support MP Faiq Sheikh Ali’s attacks on politicians

Faiq Sheikh Ali

Huge number of Iraqi bloggers have said that MP Faiq al-Sheikh Ali mentioned the truth as he accused some politicians of corruption and said Iraq was once much better than the current situation.

This came in a video published by The Baghdad Post, which had thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

Ali is one of the main opponents of the late president Saddam Hussein. His criticism against the current regime came to confirm that the political parties in Iraq offered nothing to Iraqis. He denied claims that attacking officials and politicians does not necessarily be carried out by those who glorify Saddam Hussein or others, adding that corruption is the main reason behind the anger of politicians and parties.

“You’re right, Faiq al-Sheikh Ali. Only you says the truth,” said Abu Yusuf al-Lami, while another user known as Azzam said “All what you said is right and from a heart of an Iraqi who knows the suffering of the people. If we have more MPs like Faiq, Iraq will be better.”


One other user wrote “Iraq was built by Abdul Karim Qassim and Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr.”


The MP became the on top of talks on the social media over the past few days. In a televised interview, Sheikh Ali was asked to comment on the government’s plan to distribute land plots among the poor. He described those plans as unserious and raised questions about the government’s motives.


“Most of the residents in Baghdad and other provinces know that they live in houses built on lands distributed by Al-bakr for free in the seventies,” he said.

He also added that Saddam Hussein, who ruled between 1979 and 2003 distributed ig number of land plots among people. However, he slammed the cabinet leaders who took charged after 2003 for ignoring the housing issue.


“Why did not they distribute land among people like al-Bakr and Saddam did? Do they believe they spend on the country from their own pockets?” he wondered.

Although the remarks by Sheikh Ali appear to be political, they are always heard on a daily basis among Iraqis who suffer due to corruption, unemployment and lack of justice.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 02 April 2019 02:27 PM