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Iraqis tell Baghdad Post: MPs are corrupt while people live in poverty

Iraq Parliament

A number of Iraqi people responded to The Baghdad Post's survey on its official Facebook page saying that the members of the current parliament had not fulfilled what they promised.


Earlier, the Arabic version of The Baghdad Post's Facebook page asked Iraqis "Do you think MPs fulfilled their promises?"


A huge number of Facebook users asserted that the MPs have failed to make anything concerning their so-called promises to reform the government in order to raise the living standards of the Iraqi citizens.


Iraqis also expressed their rage over the failure of the political powers who couldn't agree on certain candidates to complete the cabinet, especially candidates for the ministries of justice, education, defense and interior, which are considered the main ministries that need to be completed to guarantee the people's safety and needs.


Many Facebook users commented saying that MPs had totally failed to fulfill any of their so-called promises, noting that nothing was achieved on the ground to help the people of Iraq, especially after the numerous crises that have rocked the country in the past 16 years.

They all agreed that the MPs had failed to approve any legislations that can stop corruption, which is threatening the country.


Mohamed Hadi said, "Nothing was fulfilled from their promises!"

Meanwhile, Abdel Rahman Mohamed said, "Zero percent of their promises was achieved!"


Another one posted a picture of a number of monkeys while commenting, "Politicians are like monkeys, if they struggle, they destroy the crops while if they agree, they eat them!"


Also, Hala El Saady described MPs by saying, "Just a bunch of militants!"


Another user said, "MPs are useless. They just receive huge sums of money while the people are dying from poverty."


Meanwhile, another user commented saying, "This is the result of the overconfidence of sheep in the wolves!"


Despite appointing Adil Abd al-Mahdi as Iraq's new prime minister four months ago, he failed to complete the cabinet, leaving a number of important posts empty. This came after parties, coalitions and politicians continue their conflict on the important ministerial posts.


Iraq has been witnessing a state of political and security chaos since 2003 in which all parties and politicians are working for their own interests without giving any attention to the people who are dying from poverty because of corruption that is eating one of the richest countries in the world or from war that rocks the country from time to time.

Last Modified: Saturday، 30 March 2019 11:51 PM