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Qaradaghi, Birani and Belhadj: Qaradwi’s Qatari school to spread terrorism


The terrorist organization in Doha has built its foreign control or ties through several extremist religious and media arms, which worked on promoting its ideology abroad.

At Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s terrorist Qatari school, several arms came on scene to promote for extremism abroad. They were Doha’s foreign tools and ambassadors to spread extremism and terrorism. Those figures were Ali al-Qaradaghi, Abdul Rahman Al-Birani and Ali Belhadj.

Ali al-Qaradaghi: Qaradawi’s man:

From Mohamed bin Abdul Wahab mosque in Doha to Sultan Selim I mosque in Istanbul, the religious edits of the secretary general of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Ali al-Qaradaghi, a Qatari citizen of Iraqi-Kurdish origins, doubled and began with attacking Saudi Arabia then each of Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt.

In each case, he used to wear the suitable outfit for it. If he was in Qatar, then he got dressed in the Arab outfits, being a Qatari national. If in Turkey, he used to wear the outfits of Al-Azhar. If in Kurdistan, he wears, the Kurdish outfits.

Qaradaghi is Qaradawi’s man who became the head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, established by Qatar to legalize Doha’s intervention in all political issues through Sunni and Shiite Islamist groups.

Birani: The Iranian Sunni Muslim Brother financed by Doha

According to a previous report by,  Birani has a destructive role.

In January 2019, the general assembly of the International Union of Muslim Scholars elected in Istanbul four out of 31 members for the union’s board of trustees. Biran, a Kurdish Iranian, was among them.

Birani is not new for the Qatari union, as he was one of its members since its establishment.

Birani, who headed the Muslim Brotherhood in 1991, ceded his sect for the sake of the group. He gave up about his oppressed Sunni sect in Iran as well as his suppressed Kurdish identity in Turkey. In all cases, he did not give up about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ali Belhadj

Social media users recently shared a video for arresting Belhadj, the deputy chief of the Islamic Front for Salvation, by the Algerian authorities, which urged his supporters to attack such measure.

Belhadj, the second man in the Islamic Front for Salvation, along with Abbasi Madani, the front leader who now lives in Qatar, worked on igniting the strife between people, which resulted in occurrence of terrorist groups in Alegria.

According to observers, Qatar never stops finding tools to spread terrorism and extremism in the world. Those tools are renewed from one generation to another. New figures and schools come on scene to be in line with the extremism of the terrorist regime.

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