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Curt Mills: Is Trump heading toward war with Iran?


Although US President Donald Trump has explicitly rejected his predecessors—in extraordinary, unsparing terms— his staffing choices, alliances with facets of the hawkish right, and boisterous nullification of the Iran nuclear deal have left many to wonder: will Trump try to vanquish Tehran in battle?

Democrats in Congress’ upper chamber apparently think so, Curt Mills wrote in The National Interest. “Sixteen years after the US invasion of Iraq, we are again barreling toward another unnecessary conflict in the Middle East based on faulty and misleading logic,” write Senators Dick Durbin and Tom Udall, both Democrats. The Trump administration’s Iran policy is “built on the ashes of the failed Iraq policy.”

“There is speculation that administration officials are considering striking Iranian territory or its proxies,” write Dick Durbin and Tom Udall, both Democrats. The president’s attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, while making clear he did not speak for the White House on this issue, has told me the US position is essentially regime change.

Though the president has insisted he would meet with the Iranian leadership, on the North Korean model, it’s been crickets from Tehran. That suits seemingly everyone else in the administration, except maybe the president, just fine.

In this mille-feuille government, in addition to Bolton, Mike Pompeo’s State Department has been as fulsome an opponent of the Iranian regime as any entity—with officials taking to social media, sometimes bizarrely, to make their case.

Len Khodorkovsky, a digital strategy official, is a proud, near-daily regime antagonist online.

Pompeo himself, on Wednesday, took questions from the Iranian people in an online format. Said Pompeo: “The U.S. has great respect for the people of #Iran, and I believe it’s important for us to hear from them directly. So I asked the Iranian people to send me questions. I received more than 100,000 questions. Go to @USAdarFarsi to see my answers to many of them.”

Brian Hook, Foggy Bottom’s Iran point man, recently released a video of himself touring the abandoned, but kept-up Iranian facility on Washington’s Embassy Row.

On the occasion of the Iranian Revolution's fortieth anniversary, Hook, from the old embassy’s steps said: “The United States hopes the next forty years look radically different, as you, the people of the Iran, take your rightful place as a vibrant force for stability and prosperity in the Middle East and beyond.”


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