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Iran surpasses Turkey in export of good to Iraq in 2018: Official


Iran overtook Turkey in export of products to Iraq in 2018, an official was quoted saying on Saturday.

During an interview with IRNA, Secretary General of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce Hamid Hosseini said Turkey’s exports value of products to Iraq in 2018 reached $7.35 billion, compared to $8.75 billion as value of exports from Iran to Iraq in the same year.

“Statistics of Iran’s export of products to Iraq in 2018 show that the Islamic Republic exported $8.75 billion worth of products to Iraq in 2018, so that this figure excludes transit and medical tourism,” Hosseini said.

However, he added that Turkish share of Iraq’s service market surpasses Iran regarding the health tourism.

Moreover, Hosseini stressed that Iran will increase its exports to Iraq, adding, “although export of goods may face significant decline, Iran’s export of services would be accelerated.”

The trade volume exchanged between the two countries in 2018, according to Hosseini, reached $6.502 billion, so that Iran and Iraq accounted for $6.425 billion and $77 million respectively.

Last Modified: Sunday، 10 February 2019 02:30 PM