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14m workers below poverty line due to Iran's corrupt regime: experts


Economic observers and activists have stressed the necessity to modify the purchasing power of workers, given that the minimum rate of wages in Iran is expected to be set next week.

They indicated that increasing that rate this year should resolve the economic issues of working families, adding that the new rate that was set for wages in Iran in 2018 was unfair.

The recent economic crisis, according to experts, caused the inflation to reach between 30-40 percent, which means the minimum wage should reach 2.8 million tomans ($234).

To save the workers from going below the poverty line, the experts said the minimum wages should reach around three million tomans ($250).

Due to the spread of unemployment and absence of independent trade unions as well as presence of strong organizations of businessmen, backed by the government, then 70 percent of Iranian employees, estimated at 14 million, live under the poverty, at 3.334 million tomans ($280).

Despite the growing inflation caused by the internal and external factors on the Iranian economy, 70 percent of the workers, and even more, have become under the poverty line. Thus, there is need for talks that consider the working class under such deteriorated economic situation.

The experts also referred to the necessity of proportion between the minimum rate of wages and the growing inflation in Iran saying that the rate was less than the real rate of inflation growth for years.

The estimates offered by authorities in Iran during the talks to set the rate were incorrect, the experts said urging the workers to have lawyers and advocates to defend their rights during the talks.

Last Modified: Friday، 01 February 2019 03:35 PM