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Prime Minister issues measures to fight corruption

Adil Abdul-Mahdi

Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has announced several measures within efforts to fight corruption.

These measures included finalizing the legal system on fighting corruption and urging the parliament and the State Council to complete the measures to issue related laws.

Officials, according to the new measures, should be committed to disclosing their properties in less than a week. Ministries and other authorities should draw 90-day plans for the main priorities of the reconstruction and service projects.

Monitoring authorities should also complete the requirements for their work, evaluation of its performance and revising its policies in a way that conform to the challenges.

The measures also included making an index to measure corruption, evaluate the governmental performance and holding officials accountable. Ministries are urged to supervise projects and overcome obstacles and then submit reports to monitoring authorities.

Abdul-Mahdi urged expediting a comprehensive national strategy to fight corruption. All legislative, executive, judiciary and NGOs institutions should take part in it in order to be comprehensive and measurable. The measures on restoring Iraqi properties smuggled abroad should be activated in order to communicate with countries in question to restore them.

The Parliament should also expedite issuance of law on illicit gains. Monitoring authorities should evaluate policies and governmental policies, offer solutions and proposals to achieve initiatives on fighting corruption in the ministries.

The measures stated commitment toward the independence of judiciary and urging monitoring authorities to evaluate the work of the general inspectors’ offices 

Last Modified: Wednesday، 30 January 2019 11:57 AM