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Qatar accused of bribing FIFA’s Grondona with £3.6million: Report

Qatar 2022 World Cup


Qatar has been soaked to the bone into corruption. Prince Tamim’s money reached to all fields including sports.

A report by International Policy Digest said the French authorities are investigating many of notorious deals that took place between French and Qatari companies. According to a report by the opponent Qatari Leaks, the price is doubted to have robbed the right to host the 2022 World Cup football bid.

Criminal violations

The report indicated that the amounts of those deals reach up to billions of US dollars, adding that the investigations seek checking it there were criminal violations.

“The Qatar 2022 FIFA tournament will be upon us before soon, but there is a general consensus that corruption played an important role in holding the event there,” it said.

Meanwhile, the report linked between the ongoing investigations and the accusations levelled against Nicolas Sarkozy, the ex-president of France, over launching a campaign to support Qatar in order to host the mondial. It also referred that the continuous allegations by former disgraced FIFA President Sepp Blatter against Sarkozy.

Former FIFA President

Entitled “Was the United States Robbed of Hosting the 2022 Qatar Games?”, the report said the The FIFA ethics committee is demanding evidence to substantiate the latest allegations. Sarkozy has been under the spotlight as to whether he received funds around the time of the bidding process for Qatar’s successful 2022 World Cup football bid.

“This now adds to the weight of a number of international criminal investigations into the Qatar bidding process with serious allegations being made that Qatar bribed their way into hosting the tournament and arranged the spread of fake news relating to Australian and American bids,” it added.

Those Qatari actions violated the rules set by FIFA to organize the competition between the countries, which seek hosting the world cup, without having the right to positively or negatively comment on its rivals’ issues.

Controversial deals

The report added that the Qatari corruption did not stop at striking controversial deals with French companies and institutions to host the championship without right, by reached to different aspects of the football game including the players, as Doha spent lots of money to get the football stars. It indicated “the transfer fees for football being in the order of 1/5th of a billion US dollars for the likes of Neymar who played in the 2018 World Cup.”

The Qatari practises, according to the report, raises many issues like “How can corruption be stamped out? Is corruption undermining the integrity of the sport which is an integral part of national identity, feeds economic growth, breaks down barriers between individuals and nations and contributes to mental and physical well-being.?

Qatari bribes

On the other side, many reports indicated new evidence that Qatar obtained the right to host the world cup through bribes and illegal ways. Names, numbers and dates that document involvement of the former Qatari Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani in bribing the members of the FIFA’s committee selecting countries in 2010.

A previous report by the British Daily Mail considered Qatar 2022 World Cup bid victory as ‘completely illegitimate’, according to a corruption watchdog. I said “FIFA will come under renewed pressure to strip Qatar of the 2022 World Cup after more evidence of endemic corruption during the bidding process were uncovered.”

The Foundation for Sports Integrity claimed “to have evidence that Qatar paid millions to members of FIFA's executive committee”.

The Sun mentioned that the findings “include evidence that Argentine FIFA executive Julio Grondona allegedly received a mystery payment of £3.6million into his Swiss bank account,” before he died in 2014.

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