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Iran's Quds Force uses 'cultural centers' to penetrate Europe: report


For three decades, the Iranian regime has been spending huge sums of money for penetrating Europe under the supervision of the Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force militia, which runs a large number of organizations under the name of "cultural centers."

These centers are considered to be headquarters of the terrorist Quds Force militia, which is the wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's external operations, and other Iranian institutions responsible for supporting and spreading terrorism and military activities abroad, a report by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) said.

Iranian cleric Reza Ramdani, head of the Islamic Center in Hamburg, is the head of the Council of Scholars in one of the associations controlled by the Iranian regime.

According to Iranian and German reports, Ramdani currently holds the status of representative of Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei in Germany.

Iranian influence in Germany

German officials maintain a high-level of relationship with this association, which indicates the strong influence of the Iranian regime in Germany, which enables Iran to pursue an extremist agenda in the heart of Europe, the report said.

The annual march organized by this association in cooperation with the Islamic Center in Hamburg, under the name of Quds Day is a clear example of this influence.

The Iranian regime maintains the same attitude with other European countries. It has established a wide network of Islamic centers and mosques that disseminate the fundamentalist ideology of the Faqih regime and gain public support for the Iranian expansionist policies.

Germany bans Iran’s Mahan Air

On the other hand, Germany has banned Iranian airline Mahan Air from flying to and from the country in the latest sign of European concern over Tehran’s “destabilizing” activities in the Middle East and Europe.

A spokesman for the German foreign ministry said on Monday that Mahan was engaged in transporting Iranian equipment and personnel to Middle East conflict zones such as Syria.

“It is in Germany’s diplomatic interest that there are no flights to Germany by companies that support the military conflict in Syria and contribute to the repression of people in war zones,” he said.

Berlin said it could not exclude the possibility that Mahan Air was using its flights to Germany to support the activities of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, saying that the guards were “frequently involved in acts of state terrorism”.

Such flights could “impact the security situation in Germany”, the foreign ministry said.  The carrier had been flying three times a week to Düsseldorf and once a week to Munich.


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