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Iraq participates in conference on women empowerment in Lebanon


The World Bank has held the first ‘high-level’ conference to empower woman economically in the Middle East, in collaboration with the Canadian government, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

The idea for holding the conference came due to fears of the decline in the economic participation of women in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, according to a statement posted on the National News Agency of Lebanon.

During the conference, the Iraqi government offered its vision on increasing the participation on the women within the manpower by five percent over the coming five years. It noted that it will stick to boosting of the administrative, legislative and social frameworks and merging the gender within the policies and the budgets.


It also said it will the issue estimates and reports related to the gender and increasing awareness between employees of the public and private sector as well as the whole society on the importance of equality between genders. It stressed the necessity of increasing the small- and medium-sized projects run by women through facilitating measures and reducing the gap between the genders in the field of education.

At the end of the conference held in Beirut, the Canadian government announced a donation of 20 million US dollars to empower women in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. Thus, Iraqi women’s share will not exceed 6.6 million dollars, which is almost 0.37 dollars for each woman in Iraq, given that total population of women is estimated at almost 18 million.

Last Modified: Monday، 21 January 2019 11:25 AM