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MP questions Oil Ministry over waste of $17m

Ministry of Oil

MP Jamal al-Muhammadawi, a member of parliament’s energy committee, has sent a parliamentary questionnaire to the Ministry of Oil for answers about the waste of public funds amounting to $17 million.

Muhammadawi said in a statement that he had been asked to identify those responsible for the waste of public funds amounting to $17 million, explaining that this was based on Article 61 of the Constitution and Article 50 in the parliamentary rules of procedure.

He added that the questionnaire included the question of whether a contract to rent seven oil tankers was included in a paragraph to be supplied to the delegations at the local consumption price. Also, what is the economic feasibility of this contract if the profits in three months were $5 million, while the cost of the operational fuel borne by the state budget amounted to $23 million dollars?

He pointed out the need to disclose all quantities of fuel that has been processed for the Iraqi oil tankers as a share of fuel for the seven tankers rented by the Arab company during the last period and the entry into force of the implementation of this contract.