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Iran not even able to protect its troops in Syria: Israeli thinker


Israeli thinker Edy Cohen confirmed the news about an imminent Israeli strike on Iranian militias in Iraq.

In several tweets, he mocked Iran's fascist threats issued by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, saying, "Protect your troops in Syria at first and then threaten Tel Aviv!"

Two years ago, Israel launched more than 250 raids on Iranian sites in Syria and destroyed 80 Tehran facilities, Cohen said sarcastically.

He addressed the Shiite militias saying, "If I were you, I would join the Iraqi army because the [punishment] day is nearing."

Observers considered Cohen's remarks not only an affirmation of an expected Israeli strike on Iran's militia camps in Iraq, but also an indication that this strike could be launched very soon.

Threatening Israel

Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Iranian IRGC's top commander, denied Iran's intentions to withdraw from Syria, threatening to strike Israel with missiles.

“You should be afraid of the day that our precision-guided missiles roar and fall on your head,” Jafari was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency on Wednesday, in a speech full of arrogance.

Jafari said that Iran will keep military forces in Syria. “Iran will keep all its military and revolutionary advisers and its weapons in Syria.”

Jafari called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threats “a joke” and warned that the Israeli government “was playing with a lion’s tail.”

Israel threats

Seemingly, the leaders of the Shiite militias under IMIS insist on bringing Iraq into chaos, not caring of the role Iraq plays in preserving the security and stability of the Middle East.

Currently, IMIS is a threat not only to Sunnis in Iraq; it has also sent its militias to fight in Syria to protect the Syrian regime and implement the Iranian agenda, which Israel sees as a red flag.

After confirming that Israel bombed an Iranian weapons depot in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that the Jewish state will strike even harder if it proves necessary to prevent Iran from gaining a military foothold in Syria.

This means that Israel will probably hit the IMIS militias fighting in Syria as part of the Iranian army there.


Last Modified: Friday، 18 January 2019 01:45 AM