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Parliament’s financial committee receives 300 observations on state budget


The Parliament’s financial committee has announced receiving around 300 observations on the incoming state budget.

MP Gamal Kojar, member of the parliament’s financial committee, has announced receiving 300 observations on the 2019 state budget.

In press remarks, Kojar said his committee “will re-formulate the state budget draft law after receiving number of observations.”

Parliament ended the first and second reading on the 2019 state budget after the parliamentary and governmental committee, which was previously formed, ended the amendments on the bill.

Kojar said the committee “needs about a week to end the draft law and submit it to parliament.”

The budget allocated huge sums to ministries of defense and interiors, in comparison to other ministries.

The committee, according to Kojar, “will intervene in the disputed issues in the bill, which range between 20 to 22 articles.” Among the main issues are the sums allocated for development of Kurdistan, budgets of the security ministries, along with two sovereign ministries, which reach up to 60 percent of the budget.

The bill, which was submitted by cabinet to parliament in December, is composed of 52 articles. It is estimated at about 106 trillion Iraqi Dinars. The biggest amount of the revenues comes from exporting the oil at fixed rate of 56 US dollars per barrel, with an export rate of more than 3.8 million barrels daily, 250,000 barrels come from Kurdistan.

“The total sum of observations sent by parliament members on the state budget law reached 300. All were sent to the financial committee, which will include them in the bill, in addition to observations by other ministries and independent authorities.

Last Modified: Thursday، 17 January 2019 03:43 PM