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US seeks to conclude more oil deals with Iraq: The Economist

Few days after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrapped up his visit to Iraq, the Economist newspaper revealed that the US sought after concluding more contracts and oil deals with Iraq.

During his recent visit to Baghdad, Pompeo stressed on Iraq's independence in the energy field. Pompeo's remarks were seen by Iraqi officials as a clear message to stop buying Iranian gas and start contracting with US oil companies to develop gas fields in the country, the Economist said in a report.

Key US energy companies, such as Chevron, are negotiating directly with the Iraqi Oil Ministry to get huge concession agreements, the report said. Moreover, Exxon Mobil is negotiating to establish deals to increase the volume of oil exports and build a major desalination plant.

The United States is not looking to grant more waivers for Iranian oil imports after the reimposition of US sanctions, the US special representative for Iran said on Saturday, underlining Washington’s push to choke off Tehran’s income.

“We are not looking to grant any waivers or exemptions to the import of Iranian crude,” Brian Hook told a industry conference in the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi.

Washington granted waivers to eight major buyers of Iranian oil - including China, India, Japan and South Korea - after restoring energy sanctions in November.
Last Modified: Sunday، 13 January 2019 11:41 PM