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News about arrival of extra US troops to Mosul incorrect: source

An informed source denied news about the arrival of extra US troops to Mosul, adding that some of the troops moved from their original positions in the presidential palaces to some districts to carry out exercise and certain tasks.

"People believe there are American troops that have arrived in Mosul and this is untrue," the source said.

US officials say that about 5,000 troops are in bases inside Iraq. The White House said that the US military presence is about curbing Iran's influence and fighting ISIS.

Disturbed Mosul

Several warning calls by prominent Iraqi political parties regarding the precarious situation in Mosul have emerged. More than a year has passed since Iraq’s second largest city was cleared of ISIS, but the area seemingly remains vulnerable, the James Town Foundation reported.

Although there have been no major military operations since the city was retaken, circumstances similar to those that preceded the fall of Mosul in 2014 are widely reported. Corruption and the lack of effective reconstruction efforts have stalled normalization.

Different Iraqi government forces and militias control the city of Mosul and the wider Nineveh province and are accused of using their power to generate revenue through controversial or illegal means.

There has been no real work to address the root causes that led to ISIS’ rise, and Iraq’s Shia-led federal government has not prioritized Mosul. The U.S. administration’s recent decision to withdraw from Syria makes the situation in Mosul and Nineveh even more relevant for the efforts to defeat ISIS completely.

Losing Mosul and other Sunni majority cities in Iraq was a major blow for ISIS. Recent statements and the group’s literature, in general, do not make ISIS look desperate but rather determined to make a comeback. Much of this is morale-boosting rhetoric, but volatility in post-2003 Iraq suggests that any bad scenario is possible.

US expulsion rejected

A poll conducted by The Baghdad Post earlier indicated that a seemingly wide majority of Iraqis favor the existence of US troops in the Iraqi territory to continue their fight against terrorism.

"We call on Israel, not just America, to stay in Iraq to get the Iranian forces and the Shiite religious parties out of Iraq," says Sadiq al-Iraqi from Basra.

"Look at the Arabian Gulf, where there are American forces and look at Basra, where there are Iranian forces," he added, arguing that the situation in the Arab Gulf is good due to the presence of US troops, while it is deteriorating on the other side in Basra due to the alleged presence of Iranian troops.

Jaad bin Dirham said that Iran has demolished the resources of Iraq, adding that Iraq is at least able to make understandings with the US, which is a superpower and can build giant projects and factories in Iraq.

Mohamed from Mosul said he supports the existence of the US in Iraq "because they deal with and respect international law," adding that the US troops are "a regular army and they deal with humanity, and [they are] not a criminal revolutionary army that consists of sectarian militias."

Hussein al-Saadi from Dhi Qar said, "We hope they save us from the government of corrupt Islamic parties in Iraq."

"We hope the US forces will stay in Iraq to amputate the hand of the Iranian militias that have looted the Iraqi people and killed thousands of our Sunni brothers," Walid al-Helli said.

According to local media, US forces plan to establish three military bases in the provinces of Salahuddin and Kirkuk, pointing out that American companies will begin work on rebuilding the infrastructure of Salahuddin province.
Last Modified: Monday، 14 January 2019 01:34 AM